The AAFL is always looking for new umpires to get involved with our competition.

For more information on umpiring in the AAFL, contact Jarrod Darlington at

AFL Level 1 Umpire Accreditation 

AFL Level 1 Youth:

For club and secondary school umpires of teenagers (AFL Cup). The course takes around 2 hours.

Content includes understanding youth participation in New Zealand. There is a specific focus on what motivates youth participants, social aspects of working with and managing players in this age range, specific communication skills and developing higher level skill and understanding. Candidates are assessed practically either in course time, the AFL Cup or both.

AFL Level 1 Senior (Umpires of adults/ Open age):

Communication Skills. Fitness for umpiring football, recovery & rehabilitation. Umpiring & safety issues. Candidates are assessed practically either in course time, senior fixtures or both.

This course takes around 2 hours.

AFL Level 2 Youth / Senior:

For umpires involved at a higher level (rep teams, development squads, etc.) and aimed at umpires with an aptitude and genuine interest in improving their umpiring skills.

Conducted through practical, hands-on involvement of participants. Focusing on an umpire to prepare, conduct, review and adapt a year-long programme of umpiring.

Assessed practically on the job at training and in a match environment.

AFL Level 3 High Performance:

This program is for Umpires involved in AFL, state leagues, TAC cup or other programmes in the AFL Talent Pathway. Umpires working in, or aspiring to, this level, may apply to be invited to a week-long, live in programme.

It is the highest umpiring accreditation offered by the AFL. It covers in greater depth those areas dealt with in level 2 plus relevant current issues, including technology, public relations and umpires as programme managers and mentors.